Bill Koch Ski League SignUps – Sunday 12/17/17 @ 1:30

Bill Koch Ski League sign up will be this Sunday at 1:30.  We would like to get kids signed up and fitted for skis if they need gear. If it goes quickly we might have time to even get some skiing in!
Sunday at 1:30 is our normal practice time during the season.
Cost to sign up is $50 grade school kids, $85 for middle school this includes the race fees for the middle school championship.  Or a family max of $200 which ever is lower.
Gear borrowing donation recommendation: $15 for those under 7, $35 for kids from 8 up to middle school.  Middle school kids $125 – these are recommended prices and gear is yours to take home and use for the whole season. You are not responsible for accidental damage.  The ski clubs main focus is to get kids skiing regardless of financial situation. Please ask for a scholarship we can help.
As always, hot chocolate and snacks will be available in the hut. 

Sincerely, Coaches:

Jenn Rowe, Steve Mandeville, Peter Goedecke, Alice Mandeville