Bedford Cross-Country Ski Club Needs Your Help

Last week 40,000 pounds of Nit-Pack gravel was delivered to the ski trails and paid for by the Bedford Rotary Club. We have a 2500$ grant to smooth the trails for the their upcoming 5k trail race on August 23th.


We need to cover roots and rocks to make it safe for the runners and we will benefit by having smoother ski trails. Smoother trails need less snow to ski on. Many are volunteering from the Rotary Club but we need a lot of help to get the job done in time for the race. Every Wednesday morning at 9am until noon and every Thursday night from 5:00- 7:30pm there will be an opportunity for you to help. Raking and smoothing gravel, shoveling, rock moving, brush cutting are jobs anyone can do. Adult jobs may include driving the four wheeler, loading gravel with the tractor and some chain saw work. Great chance for community service !! points for school.

Brings work gloves, bug repellent,water and willingness to work. This is a great opportunity to improve the trails for everyone.


Call or text Alan Goedecke @ 603-620-9653