3-16-2023 Magic Eraser

The days are warm (dare I say springlike) and the nights are cold. The tracks get a lot of wear and tear during the warm day and freeze up all crooked like. Walkers and dogs make it even worse. Dragged the groomer around this morning and lo and behold, it’s like a magic eraser. Fixed up most of the holes and divots so the ball fields and Brook trail continue to be quite nice.

Herein lies the problem. If I groom in the late afternoon when everything is soft I can reset the classic tracks too and make everything real nice. Problem is if I groom in the late afternoon all the walkers and dogs mess everything back up. So I ask myself, when is the best time to groom?

One reply on “3-16-2023 Magic Eraser”

I wonder if there is something more that can been done to “save the tracks”? Bigger signs? Add signs at some of the access points away from the Warming hut? Mount some cameras – deterrent or public posting call out the offenders … or prosecute for “destruction of public property?????????” Kind of kidding …. but …..

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