1-23-2023 More to Come

Some good snow fell last night, however it turned to rain which makes everything slushy. We will have to wait until tonight to groom as the snow has to drain some of that moisture. If we groom now it will plow the snow rather than make the silky corduroy and solid tracks we all like to ski on.

The good news is it is supposed to snow an additional 6 inches today and freeze up later tonight. Hoping to be able to groom ALL the ski trails in the woods after all this additional snow falls. Will post an update later tonight!

If you are feeling the urge to get out today, try snowshoeing on the new snowshoe trails we cut last fall. There are over 2 miles for you to explore. Please refrain from walking on the ski trails when it is this wet as it creates large holes which become icy pits when things freeze up!


1-23-2023, 2 pm groom of all ball fields and connectors

There were a lot of trees and branches down in the woods. Spent 4 hours clearing trees and shaking branches to clear the Brook Trail and Chesterfield Loop. Skate groomed these trails too. Did not get a chance to do anything with Powder Hill, leaving that for another day.

We did another quick pass on the fields at 6 pm while heavy snow was still falling.